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Paper: The Complex Kinematics of Galaxies in Hickson 67
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 46
Authors: Bettoni, D.; Buson, L. M.
Abstract: The kinematics of galaxies belonging to the Hickson compact group HCG67 are investigated. The latter consists of four galaxies, three of which (a, c, d) are embedded in a common envelope. The fourth galaxy (b) is a spiral that is detected both in radio and in IR wave-bands. Our observations show that the three galaxies in apparent interaction are probably caught during an ongoing merger process. Z Balcells, M., Morganti, R., Oosterloo, T., Peréz-Fournon, I. González Serrano, J. I. 1995, aap, 302, 665. Bertola, F., Bettoni, D., Rusconi, L., Sedmak, G. 1984, aj, 89, 356 Barnes, J. 1985, mnras, 215, 517 Hickson, P. 1982, apj, 255, 382 Hickson, P. 1993, Astrophys. Lett. Commun., 29, 1 Hickson, P., Menon, T. K., Palumbo, G. G. C., Persic, M. 1989, apj, 341,679 Leon, S., Combes, F., Menon, T. K. 1998, aap, 330, 37 Mamon, G. A. 1992, in "Physics of Nearby Galaxies: Nature or Nurture?", ed. T. X6. Thuan, C. Balkowski & Thran Thanh Van (12th Moriond Astrophysics Meeting)(Editions Frontiéres), p.367. Mendes de Oliveira, C., Hickson, P. 1991, apj, 380, 30 Mendes de Oliveira, C., Plana, H, Amram, P., Bolte, M., Boulesteix, J. 1998, apj, 507, 691 Menon, T. K. 1995, mnras, 274, 845 Rabaça, C. R., Sulentic, J. W. 1991, baas, 23, 1338 Zepf, S. E., Whitmore, B. C., Levison, H. F. 1991, apj, 383, 524
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