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Paper: Morphological Characteristics of Compact High-Velocity Clouds Revealed by High-Resolution WSRT Imaging
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 136
Authors: Burton, W. B.; Braun, R.
Abstract: A class of compact, isolated high-velocity clouds which plausibly represents a homogeneous subsample of the HVC phenomenon in a single physical state was objectively identified by Braun and Burton (1999). Six examples of the CHVCs, unresolved in single-dish data, have been imaged with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope. The high-resolution imaging reveals the morphology of these objects, including a core/halo distribution of fluxes, signatures of rotation indicating dark matter, and narrow linewidths constraining the kinetic temperature of several opaque cores. In these regards, as well as in their kinematic and spatial deployment on the sky, the CHVC objects are evidently a dynamically cold ensemble of dark-matter-dominated Hi clouds accreting onto the Local Group in a continuing process of galactic evolution.
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