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Paper: Galaxies and the intergalactic medium in groups
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 187
Authors: Ponman, Trevor J.; Lloyd-Davies, Ed; Helsdon, Stephen F.
Abstract: The study of the relationship between the hot gas in groups and the galaxies they contain can help to constrain the evolution of both galaxies and groups. Here we present evidence that the intergalactic medium in groups has been strongly affected by preheating associated with galaxy formation which mostly preceded group collapse. The presence of this effect appears to be unrelated to the morphology of group galaxies, which supports models in which galaxy types are not primordial. We also present preliminary evidence that early-type galaxies in groups are not underluminous in the X-ray compared to isolated galaxies, suggesting that their dark halos may not have been substantially stripped.
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