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Paper: Regular and Chaotic Motion in a Restricted Three--Body Problem of Astrophysical Interest
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 281
Authors: Muzzio, J. C.; Wachlin, F. C.; Carpintero, D. D.
Abstract: We have studied the motion of massless particles (stars) bound to a stellar system (a galactic satellite) that moves on a circular orbit in an external field (a galaxy). A large percentage of the stellar orbits turned out to be chaotic, contrary to what happens in the usual restricted three--body problem of celestial mechanics where most of the orbits are regular. The discrepancy is probably due to three facts: 1) Our study is not limited to orbits on the main planes of symmetry, but considers three--dimensional motion; 2) The force exerted by the satellite goes to zero (rather than to infinity) at the center of the satellite; 3) The potential of the satellite is triaxial, rather than spherical.
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