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Paper: Winds in R Coronae Borealis Stars
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 569
Authors: Clayton, G.C.; Geballe, T.R.; Bianchi, L.
Abstract: We present new spectroscopic observations of the He I λ10830 line in R Coronae Borealis (RCB) stars which provide the first strong evidence that most, if not all, RCB stars have winds. It has long been suggested that when dust forms around an RCB star, radiation pressure accelerates the dust away from the star, dragging the gas along with it. The new spectra show that all of the ten stars observed have P-Cygni or asymmetric blue-shifted profiles in the He I λ10830 line. In all cases, the He I line indicates a mass outflow - with a range of intensity and velocity. Around the RCB stars, it is likely that this state is populated by collisional excitation rather than photoionization/recombination.
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