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Paper: The Ultra-Fast Quasar PKS 1510-089: Direct Evidence for a Changing Orientation of the Central Engine
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 67
Authors: Wardle, J.F.C; Homan, D.C.; Cheung, C.C.; Roberts, D.H.
Abstract: The gamma ray blazar PKS 1510-089 exhibits a misalignment between parsec and kiloparsec scales of 177°. This is attributed to a modest bend in the forward pointing jet that swings it across the line of sight. In an earlier paper, we suggested that the jet was deflected by an interstellar cloud in the host galaxy. Archival observations from the VLA strongly suggest that it is the axis of the central engine that has recently turned through about 15°. This gives a much more satisfactory explanation of the morphology of the source on all physical scales. The characteristic time scale for the axis rotation derived from the observations is in the range expected for the realignment of the angular momenta of a black hole and its accretion disk by Lens-Thirring drag.
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