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Paper: The Propagation of Jets in High-Energy Peaked BL Lacertae Objects
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 116
Authors: Rector, T.A.; Gabuzda, D.C.; Peterson, K.; Stocke, J.T.
Abstract: We present VLBA, EVN, MERLIN and VLA observations that are part of a program to study the parsec-scale radio structure of a sample of high-energy-peaked BL Lacs (HBLs). The sample was chosen to span the range of logarithmic X-ray to radio flux ratios observed in HBLs for comparison to the more widely studied low-energy-peaked BL Lacs (LBLs). Like most LBLs, our HBL sample shows parsec-scale, core-jet morphologies and compact, complex kiloparsec-scale morphologies. Some objects have well collimated jets whereas others show broad, diffuse jets. Interestingly, those objects with collimated jets show evidence for bending of the jet 10—20pc from the core, at the same point as decollimation. Furthermore, the well-collimated, inner portion of the jet is usually more aligned with the kpc-scale jet. This may a result of interaction of the jet with the surrounding medium tens of parsecs from the core, which may temporarily distort the jet trajectory for short timescales but leave the long-term behavior of the jet unaffected. Below we present maps of four of the objects in our sample, illustrating the complex behavior seen in these objects.
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