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Paper: Maser Emission from a Keplerian Annulus
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 238
Authors: Uscanga, L.; Canto, J.
Abstract: We study the maser emission from a gaseous annulus in keplerian rotation around a central mass observed edge-on. The absorption coefficient within the annulus is assumed to follow a power law dependence with the dis- tance from the central mass (κ = κ0 rq). We calculated position—velocity diagrams for the most intense maser features, for different values of q. We found that, depending on the value of q, these diagrams can be qualitatively different. The most intense maser emission at a given velocity can either come mainly from regions close to the inner or outer edges of the annulus or from the line perpendicular to the line of sight and passing through the central mass (as it is commonly assumed).
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