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Paper: IR and SiO Maser Observations of Miras
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 380
Authors: Cotton, W.D.; Mennesson, B.; Diamond, P.J.; Perrin, G.; Coude du Foresto, V.; Chagnon, G.; van Langevelde, H.J.; Ridgway, S.; Waters, R.; Vlemmings, W.; Morel, S.; Traub, W.; Carleton, N.; Lacasse, M.
Abstract: Preliminary results of a coordinated program of near IR and SiO maser interferometric observations of Mira variables are reported. The 2.2 and 3.6 micron results are from the FLUOR/TISIS beam combiners on the IOTA interferometer and the SiO maser observations from the VLBA. The ratio of the SiO ring diameter to the apparent diameter at 2.2 microns for stars in our sample cluster around 2, whereas the 3.6 micron diameters range from slightly larger than the 2.2 micron diameter to approximately the SiO ring diameter.
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