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Paper: Representation of Opacity Data in Solar Model Atmosphere Calculations
Volume: 288, Stellar Atmosphere Modeling
Page: 165
Authors: Haberreiter, M.; Rozanov, E.; RĂ¼edi, I.; Schmutz, W.
Abstract: Rozanov et al. (2002) have determined that the influence of the solar irradiance variability on the chemical composition in the stratosphere is dominated by two narrow bands in the UV centered around 215 nm and 265 nm. We have evaluated the dominant opacity sources at these wavelengths and find it necessary to include the complex continuum absorption cross sections from the lower levels of neutral metals. We present our straightforward solution how to describe these opacities. There is the obvious need to treat the line blanketing which mainly depends on the completeness of the line list. We base our calculations on a combination of the spherically symmetric non-LTE `Kiel-code' and the spectral synthesis by the SYNSPEC code. In order to evaluate the quality of our computations we compare our predictions with the UV spectrum observed by SUSIM.
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