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Paper: Four Numerical Approaches for Solving the Radiative Transfer Equation in Magnetized White-Dwarf Atmospheres
Volume: 288, Stellar Atmosphere Modeling
Page: 625
Authors: Jordan, S.; Schmidt, H.
Abstract: The observed spectrum and wavelength dependent polarization of magnetic white dwarfs can be analyzed by simulating the transport of polarized radiation through a magnetized stellar atmosphere. The four coupled radiative transport equations for the Stokes parameters I, Q, V, and U, can be solved by different numerical approaches. In this talk the numerical results and efficiencies of four different methods are discussed: (a) the method of Wickramasinghe & Martin which assumes that the source function is linear in the optical depth and that between two successive depth points the Stokes parameters can be described by exponential functions; (b) accelerated Λ iterations (see also the talk by J. Deetjen) (c) an approximation for large Faraday rotation, and (d) the matrix exponential solutions.
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