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Paper: Chapter 20: Programmatic Interfaces—Grid Computing with NESSSI
Volume: 382, The National Virtual Observatory: Tools and Techniques for Astronomical Research
Page: 191
Authors: Williams, R.
Abstract: As has been demonstrated in the rest of this book, remote services provide a new and powerful paradigm for astronomy. This chapter concerns services that run for a long time (like a “batch job”), and services that require authentication and authorization. NESSSI means the NVO Extensible, Scalable, Secure Service Infrastructure. It enables secure, asynchronous services to run on a cluster of compute nodes or other powerful compute resource. Services can be started from a web page or from a command-line script. Currently available services are a mosaicker for image surveys, image coaddition for synoptic surveys, and image cutouts of multiple surveys for multiple sources. A client can register with NVO and be running in minutes, or get a strong certificate and run very large jobs. In this chapter we discuss the roles of both service client and service developer.
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