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Paper: Cold Supersonic Turbulence in Massive Cores
Volume: 387, Massive Star Formation: Observations Confront Theory
Page: 38
Authors: Redman, M.P.; Khanzadyan, T.; Loughnane, R.M.; Carolan, P.B.
Abstract: Cold massive cores are compared with their low-mass counterparts using a 3D radiative transfer code to model observational line profile data. We examine what can be learnt from different species and describe why HCN is a very unreliable infall tracer. A major difference between the two types of objects is that cold massive cores are much more turbulent than low-mass prestellar cores. We suggest that this highly supersonic turbulence is best understood as being due to a large population of clumps embedded in a more tenuous medium. Many of these clumps will eventually undergo gravitational collapse to form individual low-mass stars in a cluster around the massive stars.
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