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Paper: Infall and the Formation of a Massive Star
Volume: 387, Massive Star Formation: Observations Confront Theory
Page: 71
Authors: Beltrán, M.; Cesaroni, R.; Moscadelli, L.; Testi, L.; Codella, C.; Furuya, R.S.; Goddi, C.
Abstract: We present evidence of infall in a circumstellar rotating toroid enshrouding a luminous star in the massive star-forming region G24.78+0.08. Besides being one of the rare direct detections of infall in a young high-mass star, our finding stands unique for the simultaneous presence of three elements in the same massive object: a rotating, collapsing toroid, a bipolar outflow, ejected along the rotation axis, and a hypercompact ionized HII region. The large accretion rate and the existence of a hypercompact HII region confirm that the accretion cannot be spherically symmetric and must occur in a circumstellar disk.
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