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Paper: VLTI / MIDI Observations of the Massive Protostellar Candidate NGC3603 IRS 9A
Volume: 387, Massive Star Formation: Observations Confront Theory
Page: 444
Authors: Vehoff, S.; Nürnberger, D.E.A.; Hummel, C.A.; Duschl, W.J.
Abstract: We used MIDI, the mid-infrared interferometric instrument of the VLTI, to observe the massive protostellar candidate IRS 9A, located at a distance of about 7 kpc to the Sun at the periphery of the NGC 3603 star cluster. Our ongoing analysis shows that MIDI almost fully resolves the object on all observed baselines, yet below 9 μm we detect a steep rise of the visibility. This feature is modelled as a combination of a compact hot component and a resolved warm envelope which lowers the correlated flux at longer wavelengths. The extended envelope can already be seen in both MIDI’s acquisition images and in complementary data from aperture masking observations at the Gemini South telescope. Its shape is asymmetric, which could indicate a circumstellar disk inclined against the line of sight. The compact component is possibly related to the inner edge of this (accretion) disk. The uncorrelated mid-infrared spectrum appears featureless and could be caused by optically thick emission without a significant contribution from the disk atmosphere.
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