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Paper: Suzaku X-ray Spectroscopy of a Peculiar Hot Star Near the Galactic Center
Volume: 387, Massive Star Formation: Observations Confront Theory
Page: 448
Authors: Hyodo, Y.; Tsujimoto, M.; Koyama, K.; Nishiyima, S.; Nagata, T.; Sakon, I.; Murakami, H.; Matsumoto, H.
Abstract: We present the results from an X-ray spectral study of a peculiar point-like source near the Galactic center using Japanese X-ray satellite Suzaku. We detected an intense Fe XXV Kα line with an equivalent width of ∼ 1 keV. The overall X-ray spectrum is very well described by an optically-thin thermal plasma model with a temperature of ∼ 5×107 K and Fe abundance of ∼ 0.8 solar absorbed by an inter-stellar column of NH ∼ 2 × 1023 cm−2. We also analyzed the archived data of Chandra and XMM-Newton and find that the X-ray flux spanning ∼ 6 years shows year-scale time variability of a factor of ∼ 2. The probable counterpart in the IR bands is very bright (Lbol ∼ 104.9 L) and has a cool (TBB ∼ 1000 K) spectral energy distribution. The most plausible nature of this source is a carbon-rich Wolf-Rayet binary system.
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