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Paper: Metals in HII Regions: The Determination of Chemical Abundances
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 92
Authors: VĂ­lchez, J.M.
Abstract: HII regions are sites of active star formation in galaxies harboring massive hot stars within an extended ionized gaseous component. Their relative structural simplicity and their characteristic emission line spectrum make them ideal laboratories for studying the physical and chemical properties of the gas and stars in our Galaxy and beyond. Chemical abundances can be derived for nearby HII regions and also for those located in more distant galaxies, thus helping us to study their chemical enrichment and some fundamental relations governing their evolution. In this paper I present an overview of abundances in HII regions in galaxies as a multiple spatial scale problem, ranging from spatially resolved spectra of Galactic HII regions to integrated spectra of more distant galaxies.
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