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Paper: FUSE and Chandra Observations of VV114 and Haro 11: Feedback in Local Lyman Break Analogs
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 390
Authors: Grimes, J.; Heckman, T.; Strickland, D.
Abstract: Recently, a population of local ultraviolet luminous galaxies have been identified as having many properties similar to those of high redshift Lyman break galaxies. We present FUSE and CHANDRA observations of the two nearest analogs, VV144, and Haro 11. Both galaxies have galactic outflows with velocities of a few hundred kms−1. Hot gas (kT ∼ 0.6–0.7 keV) surrounds both galaxies and has properties similar to those observed in other local star-forming galaxies.
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