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Paper: The FIR–Radio Relationship at High and Low Redshifts
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 435
Authors: Vlahakis, C.; Eales, S.; Dunne, L.
Abstract: We use the results of the SCUBA Local Universe Galaxy Survey, a submillimeter survey of galaxies in the nearby Universe, to investigate the relationship between the far-infrared–submillimeter and radio emission of galaxies at both low and high redshift. At low redshift we show that the correlation between radio and far-infrared emission is much stronger than the correlation between radio and submillimeter emission, which is evidence that massive stars are the source of both the far-infrared and radio emission. At high redshift we show that the submillimeter sources detected by SCUBA are brighter sources of radio emission than predicted from the properties of galaxies in the local Universe. We discuss possible reasons for the cosmic evolution of the relationship between radio and far-infrared emission.
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