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Paper: Large-Scale Propagation of Very Light Jets in Galaxy Clusters
Volume: 386, Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray
Page: 32
Authors: Gaibler, V.; Camenzind, M.; Krause, M.
Abstract: We performed MHD simulations of very light bipolar jets with density contrasts down to 10−4 in axisymmetry, which were injected into a medium of constant density and evolved up to 200 kpc (200 rj) full length. These jets show weak and roundish bow shocks as well as broad cocoons. We argue that very light jets are necessary to match low-frequency radio observations of radio lobes as well as the bow shocks seen in X-rays. Due to the slow propagation, the backflows and their turbulent interaction in the midplane are important for a realistic global appearance.
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