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Paper: The X-ray Spectra of the Shock Systems in RS Oph
Volume: 404, The Eighth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics: A Tribute to Kam Ching Leung
Page: 77
Authors: Ness, J.U.; Starrfieldalse, S.
Abstract: The 6th known outburst of the recurrent nova RS Oph was monitored with several X-ray telescopes, among them Chandra and XMM-Newton from which we have high-resolution X-ray spectra. We have at least three spectra for each of three main phases of the evolution: The shock phase (when the expanding shell that lifted off the white dwarf interacts with the stellar wind of the giant companion), the supersoft-source (=SSS) phase (when nuclear burning near the white dwarf surface is occurring), and the nebular phase (when the ejected plasma disperses and cools radiatively). We find anomalously high abundances of N and α elements relative to Fe when compared to abundances of M giants that have a similar spectral type to the secondary in the RS Oph system. In order for RS Oph to be a supernova Ia progenitor, the white dwarf has to be a CO white dwarf, and all the hydrogen that is known to reside in the system would have to be removed before the Chandrasekhar limit is reached.
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