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Paper: Rebrightening Events of Two WZ Sge-type Dwarf Novae AL Com and 1RXS J023238.8-371812
Volume: 404, The Eighth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics: A Tribute to Kam Ching Leung
Page: 87
Authors: Arai, A.; Uemura, M.; Sasada, M.; Schmeer P.; Miller, I. on behalf of the KANATA team
Abstract: WZ Sge-type stars tend to exhibit rebrightenings after superoutbursts. The rebrightening phenomenon is problematic for the disk instability theory of dwarf novae since it requires a large amount of remnant matter in the disk even after superoutbursts. Here, we report our observations in two WZ Sge stars. We revealed new activities of the rebrightening phenomena in both objects.
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