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Paper: Absolute Dimensions of Four Eclipsing Binaries
Volume: 404, The Eighth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics: A Tribute to Kam Ching Leung
Page: 178
Authors: Surina, F.; Kang, Y.W.
Abstract: We have presented the accurate absolute dimensions of four main sequence eclipsing binaries. We found photometric and spectroscopic solutions using Wilson-Devinney computer code which analyzes light curves and radial velocity curves simultaneously. Four double-line spectroscopic binaries consist of two detached systems; BS Dra and CW Cep, and two semi-detached systems; IU Aur and V Pup. The systems’ temperature were determined by colortemperature calibrations. We resolved each component’s temperature from the system temperature by using a relation between temperature ratio and radii ratio. Finally these well-investigated systems will be used as the standard eclipsing binaries where their parameter set will be the reasonable initial values for the extragalactic systems which have the similar light curves.
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