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Paper: Analysis of the W UMa-type Eclipsing Binary V752 Centauri
Volume: 404, The Eighth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics: A Tribute to Kam Ching Leung
Page: 199
Authors: Schumacher, H.
Abstract: V752 Centauri is a short period eclipsing binary of W Uma-type. It has a period of 0.370 days. Previous studies have determined the target to belong to the W class of W UMa stars, having the primary eclipse due to an occultation of the primary. Photometric and spectroscopic observations of this target have been made at the University of Canterbury’s Mt John Observatory during 2007 using the high resolution HERCULES spectrograph. The high resolution spectroscopy of this target has unveiled a previously unknown characteristic in its spectrum.
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