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Paper: Searching for Ionized Bubbles in 21-cm Maps
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 39
Authors: Datta, K.K.; Majumdar, S.; Bharadwaj, S.; Choudhury, T. Roy
Abstract: The reionization of the Universe, it is believed, occurred by the growth of ionized regions (bubbles) in the neutral intergalactic medium (IGM). Using the method of Datta, Bharadwaj & Choudhury (2007) for detecting ionized bubbles in 21-cm maps we use various realistic simulations of Hi distribution surrounding an ionized bubble to study the effect of Hi fluctuations on the blind search for ionized bubbles in 21-cm maps. Results are presented for 1000 hours of GMRT observations at redshift z = 6 which corresponds to frequency 203 MHz.
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