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Paper: Peculiar Nulling in PSR J1738−2330
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 304
Authors: Gajjar, V.; Joshi, B.C.; Kramer, M.
Abstract: Several pulsars show sudden cessation of pulsed emission, which is known as nulling. The number of known nulling pulsars has not been significantly enhanced in the last decade, although the pulsar population has more than doubled following the Parkes multi-beam pulsar survey. A systematic follow-up study of the new pulsars, discovered in this survey, is being carried out by us at 325-MHz with GMRT. The peculiar nulling behaviour of PSR J1738-2330, observed as a part of this 325-MHz GMRT survey, is reported in this paper. The pulsar appears to show a periodic nullburst cycle with an upper limit to nulling fraction, of about 90 percent. The pulsed flux density declines by a factor 94 during the nulled pulses in this pulsar.
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