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Paper: Pulsar Profiles and Aberration–Retardation Effects
Volume: 407, The Low-Frequency Radio Universe
Page: 337
Authors: Krzeszowski, K.; Mitra, D.; Gupta, Y.; Kijak, J.; Gil, J.; Acharyya, A.
Abstract: We launched a project analysing multi–frequency total intensity pulsar profiles. For all these profiles we measure the shift of the outer cone components with respect to the core component, which is necessary for establishing A/R effects. We find that it appears A/R effects are likely to operate in most pulsars from our sample. We conclude that in cases where these effects are present, the core emission has to originate below the conal emission region. Emission heights calculated using A/R effects are in good agreement with those obtained using a semi-empirical formula (rKG).
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