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Paper: Towards a New Formation Flying Solar Coronagraph
Volume: 424, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society
Page: 15
Authors: Lamy, P.; Vives, S.; Curdt, W.; Dame, L.; Davila, J.; Defise, J. M.; Fineschi, S.; Heinzel, P.; Kuzin, S.; Schmutz, W.; Tsinganos, K.; Turck-Chieze, S.; Zhukov, A.
Abstract: We briefly describe an investigation aiming at the development of a giant solar coronagraph instrument onboard of two satellites, separated by about 150 m in formation flight for the detailed observation of the solar coronal plasma. The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected this instrument as the only payload onboard the Proba 3 satellites which will be launched in 2013. The Greek team is developing the command control board of the coronagraph.
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