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Paper: IYA2009 NASA Programs: Midyear Status
Volume: 431, Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Page: 41
Authors: Hasan, H.; Smith, D. A.
Abstract: NASA’s Science Mission Directorate’s (SMD) celebration of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009 was kicked off in January 2009 with a sneak preview of a multi-wavelength image of M101, and of other images from NASA’s space science missions. Since then some of the exciting science generated by NASA’s missions in astrophysics, planetary science and heliophysics, which has been given an IYA2009 flavor, has been made available to students, educators and the public worldwide. Some examples of the progress of NASA’s programs are presented. The Visions of the Universe traveling exhibit of NASA images to public libraries around the country has been a spectacular success and is being extended to include more libraries. NASA IYA Student Ambassadors met at summer workshop and presented their projects. NASA’s Afterschool Universe has provided IYA training to community-based organizations, while pre-launch teacher workshops associated with the Kepler and WISE missions have been designed to engage educators in the science of these missions. IYA activities have been associated with several missions launched this year. These include the Hubble Servicing Mission 4, Kepler, Herschel/Planck, and LCROSS. The NASA IYA website continues to be popular, getting visitors spanning a wide spectrum. NASA’s IYA programs have captured the imagination of the public and continue to keep it engaged in the scientific exploration of the universe.
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