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Paper: NASA/Capitol College Space Operations Institute Project: A Problem Based Learning Approach
Volume: 431, Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Page: 194
Authors: Walters, A.; Wagner, D. M.; Gibbs, M. G.; Marius, J. L.
Abstract: This paper describes the experiences and lessons learned during the formation of the NASA/Capitol College Space Operations Institute (SOI) partnership. The partnership works to advance the cause of not only improving science literacy, but directly encouraging and supporting students to enter careers in the STEM disciplines. Specifically, the SOI program conducts the following:
  • Design, build, and implement an Upgraded Ground System for the TOMS satellite.
  • Transfer prime TOMS operations to the control center at Capitol College.
  • Educate undergraduate students with the “right stuff” for future STEM employment.
  • Support the Astronautical Engineering degree program.
  • Implement the TRMM BMOC project.
More than 67 students from various majors at Capitol College participated in several NASA missions where they gained hands on experiences preparing them with the skills needed by the Aerospace industry. Examples of NASA missions students were or currently involved with are: UGS, ERBS, UARS, TOMS and TRMM satellite operations and TOMS and TRMM ground system development.
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