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Paper: Successful EPO Strategies for Engaging Girls and Young Women in Astronomy
Volume: 431, Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Page: 223
Authors: Sharma, M.; Smith, D. A.; Dussault, M.; Hasan, H.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Lowes, L.; Stimmer, M.
Abstract: This mini workshop is geared toward participants—both researchers and educators—interested in sparking and supporting the interest of girls and young women in Earth and space sciences. Its prime focus is on strategies and lessons learned in creating resources and implementing activities that aim to achieve this goal. The workshop involves interactive discussions and mini-roundtables on the specifics of how to improve opportunities through formal (K–16) and informal education and public outreach programs. The emphasis is on drawing out successful strategies and why they have been successful, and on how education and public outreach (EPO) program leaders can work together or use each others’ programs and practices. Underlying the discussions will be connections with the International Year of Astronomy project “She is an Astronomer” as well as what we can learn from cross-disciplinary studies to encourage women’s participation in science and engineering fields and careers.

Mini-roundtables will feature EPO practitioners who are directly involved with creating and implementing NASA-funded resources and activities to engage girls and young women in science. Discussions will be relevant to a wide range of EPO programs funded by various agencies.
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