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Paper: ASP: Gearing Up for the Next 120
Volume: 431, Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Page: 276
Authors: Manning, J. G.
Abstract: In 2009, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific celebrates 120 years of serving the cause of astronomy, with a membership of professional and amateur astronomers, educators, and interested public; professional and popular publications; and increasingly, a variety of education and professional development programs and dissemination networks serving our various constituencies. As the Society begins a new strategic planning phase and looks forward to the next 120 years of service, with a re-articulated mission (“Advancing science literacy through engagement in astronomy”) and a continuing commitment to science, education and outreach, in which direction(s) shall it head? The presenter will offer a few thoughts and conference participants will be surveyed for theirs in their role as continuing or newly minted ASP members. Outcomes: The audience will gain insight into ASP’s future planning and will be surveyed for their input in the process.
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