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Paper: Extraordinary Matter: Visualizing Space Plasmas and Particles
Volume: 431, Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Page: 393
Authors: Barbier, S. B.; Bartolone, L.; Christian, E. R.; Eastman, T.; Lewis, E.; Thieman, J.
Abstract: We present an online NASA multimedia library, now in development, designed to assist educators with explaining concepts of basic particle and plasma physics. Such resources are few in number and/or difficult to locate, and most do not provide suitable context. On our Extraordinary Matter site, each product will be accompanied by an explanation at a reading level matching the concept’s educational level, link to the source, educational standards addressed, file size, use restrictions, credits, format(s), creation date and, optionally, associated educational activities and other relevant information and links. The site will target grades 9–14 and the equivalent in informal education and outreach. Products are intended to stand alone, making them adaptable to the widest range of uses. This project is funded by the NASA EPOESS Program in response to NRA NNH08ZDA001N for ROSES-2008.
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