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Paper: Shellspec – A Code for Modeling the Spectra and Lightcurves of Interacting Binaries
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 63
Authors: Budaj, J.; Richards, M. T.
Abstract: Shellspec is a new program designed to calculate light curves, spectra and images of interacting binaries immersed in a moving circumstellar environment which is optically thin. It is exactly this environment which is the source of a variety of emission lines seen in the real spectra of such objects. The code solves a simple radiative transfer along the line of sight in moving media. The assumptions include LTE and optional known state quantities and velocity fields in 3D. Optional (non)transparent objects such as a spot, disc, stream, jet, shell or stars may be defined in 3D and their composite synthetic spectrum calculated. The stars may be subject to the Roche model which was improved to include the reflection, heating, and surface heat redistribution. We provide details about the program and describe the recent development of the code.
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