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Paper: Fourier Disentangling Using the Technology of Virtual Observatory
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 71
Authors: Škoda, P.; Hadrava, P.
Abstract: The Virtual Observatory is a new technology of the astronomical research allowing the seamless processing and analysis of a heterogeneous data obtained from a number of distributed data archives. It may also provide astronomical community with powerful computational and data processing on-line services replacing the custom scientific code run on user's computers. Despite its benefits the VO technology has been still little exploited in stellar spectroscopy. As an example of possible evolution in this field we present an experimental web-based service for disentangling of spectra based on code KOREL. This code developed by P. Hadrava enables Fourier disentangling and line-strength photometry, i.e. simultaneous decomposition of spectra of multiple stars and solving for orbital parameters, line-profile variability or other physical parameters of observed objects. We discuss the benefits of the service-oriented approach from the point of view of both developers and users and give examples of possible user-friendly implementation of spectra disentangling methods as a standard tools of Virtual Observatory.
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