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Paper: Probing Evolutionary Trends in Close Binaries from Observed Period Changes
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 173
Authors: Nanouris, N.; Kalimeris, A.; Antonopoulou, E.; Livaniou-Rovithis, H.
Abstract: O-C diagrams analysis offers an opportunity to view the very late orbital evolution history (about 100 yrs) of nearly synchronized close binaries. The orbital period function P(E) becomes known in this way and hence it can be related with the most important physical mechanisms that modulate the orbital period of such binary systems through J - P (angular momentum - orbital period relations). Given the P(E) function and a variety of the implemented parameters, analytic parametric solutions can be sought in order to have estimations of the action of the most important of the physical mechanisms driving the observed orbital period variation trends. Preliminary analytic parametric solutions of such a generalized (non-conservative) J - P equation involving mass loss, magnetic braking and tidal evolution are presented here for some detached synchronized pairs (mainly members of the RS CVn group) whose orbital period variations are known by O-C diagram analysis.
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