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Paper: Spectro-Interferometric Observations of Interacting Massive Stars with VEGA/CHARA
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 241
Authors: Bonneau, D.; Chesneau, O.; Mourard, D.; Stee, P.
Abstract: We obtained spectro-interferometric observations in the visible of β Lyrae and υ Sgr using the instrument VEGA of the CHARA interferometric array. For β Lyrae, the dispersed fringe visibilities and differential phases were obtained in spectral regions containing the Hα and He I 6678 lines and the Hβ and He I4921 lines. Whereas the source is unresolved in the continuum, the source of the emission lines is resolved and the photocenter of the bulk of the Hα emission exhibits offsets correlated with the orbital phase. For υ Sgr, both the continuum and Hα sources are resolved, but no clear binary signal is detected. The differential phase shift across the line reveals that the bulk of the Hα emission is clearly offset from the primary.
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