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Paper: Evolution and Colliding Winds in Massive Binaries
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 393
Authors: Pols, O.
Abstract: The evolution of binary systems consisting of two massive stars is strongly affected by stellar wind mass loss and internal mixing processes in the two stars, as well as by the interaction between the stars. Our understanding of all these processes is still very limited. The interaction of the powerful stellar winds of the two components produces observational signatures over a broad range of wavelengths. Many observational and theoretical studies of this phenomenon have been performed over the last two decades. In very close massive binary systems, mass exchange due to Roche Lobe overflow can also occur and the signatures of the two phenomena are sometimes hard to distinguish. We review the observational evidence for past or current mass exchange episodes in some specific massive binaries. We also discuss how abundance measurements in close massive binaries with well-determined masses, radii and temperatures can be used to test theoretical models of binary evolution as well as of internal mixing in single stars.
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