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Paper: GALFACTS RFI Excision Methods
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 115
Authors: Andrecut, M.; Guram, S. S.; George, S. J.; Taylor, A. R.
Abstract: Radio astronomical observations are susceptible to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) contamination. In this case, the signal from astrophysical sources is distorted due to close, and relatively strong, radio emissions from other sources operating on the same frequency spectrum (communication services, for example). As a consequence, the observed data needs to be cleaned, by removing the undesired RFI components, while preserving as much of the underlying useful information as possible. As the data acquisition rates of radio telescopes increases and observations bandwidth extend beyond protected spectral allocations, software systems to mitigate RFI signals are becoming critical. Here, we discuss some of the RFI excision methods implemented in the data processing pipeline of the Galactic ALFA Continuum Survey (GALFACTS), which is a large-area spectro-polarimetric survey being carried out with the Arecibo Radio telescope in Puerto Rico.
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