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Paper: Determination of the Stellar Parameters of C-rich Hydrostatic Stars from Spectro-Interferometric Observations
Volume: 445, Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars II: Shining Examples and Common Inhabitants
Page: 101
Authors: Paladini, C.; van Belle, G. T.; Aringer, B.; Hron, J.; Reegen, P.; Lebzelter, T.; Davies, C.
Abstract: In this contribution we present the results of our recent investigation on the main characteristics and global structure of five mildly pulsating C-rich AGB stars. Infrared spectroscopy (UKIRT/UIST) in the wavelength range between 0.9 and 4 μm and K-band infrared interferometric data (Palomar Testbed Interferometer) were collected for our sample of objects. The observations are compared with a recent large grid of hydrostatic model atmospheres. After the identification of the main absorption features (CO, C2, HCN, C2H2, CN), we confine the temperature and C/O ratio of the objects with spectroscopic observations. Since low-resolution spectroscopy is not sensitive to changes in mass and log g, we determine these quantities with interferometric observations. Finally, the fundamental parameters obtained for the set of stars are compared with evolutionary tracks of thermally pulsing AGB stars.
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