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Paper: IR Laboratory Olivine Spectra: Extracting Peak Parameters Using Classical Dispersion Analysis
Volume: 445, Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars II: Shining Examples and Common Inhabitants
Page: 363
Authors: Pitman, K. M.; Dijkstra, C.; Hofmeister, A. M.; Speck, A. K.
Abstract: In order to interpret observed mid- to far-infrared spectra and to test dust formation hypotheses, there is a need for mid- to far-IR olivine laboratory spectra covering the complete range of potential Mg and Fe compositions. However, past studies have primarily focused on the Mg and Fe end-member olivines, and did not always prepare and measure olivine samples under the same conditions. In order to fill these gaps and provide a means for breaking degeneracy between grain composition, size, shape, and agglomeration effects, we provide new mid- to far-IR room-temperature absorbance spectra for many Mg-Fe olivine samples, using a single laboratory method.
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