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Paper: Luminous AGB Stars beyond the Local Group: Tracers of Intermediate-age Populations in the Cen A Group
Volume: 445, Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars II: Shining Examples and Common Inhabitants
Page: 525
Authors: Crnojević, D.; Rejkuba, M.; Grebel, E. K.; Da Costa, G.; Jerjen, H.
Abstract: We investigate the resolved stellar content of three predominantly old and metal-poor early-type dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus A group (at a distance of ∼4 Mpc). Our goal is to estimate the fraction of the intermediate-age populations (IAPs) and the period of most recent star formation from their luminous AGB stars. We combine optical HST/ACS and near-infrared VLT/ISAAC images to identify AGB star candidates. The first dataset provides high-resolution photometry while the second one permits us to disentangle the galaxies’ stellar content from the foreground contamination and to characterize the IAPs. The IAP fraction is found to be very low in the target galaxies (up to ∼15%). We compare the results to our own Local Group.
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