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Paper: The Chemical Composition of Helium-rich sdB Stars
Volume: 452, Fifth Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 65
Authors: Naslim, N.; Jeffery, C. S.; Behara, N. T.
Abstract: We present abundance analyses of He-sdB stars using high resolution optical spectra obtained with AAT/UCLES. Our aim is to explore the connection between He-sdB stars, He-sdO stars and normal sdB stars. Opacity-sampled line-blanketed model atmospheres have been used to derive atmospheric properties and elemental abundances. Our studies clearly distinguish intermediate He-sdB stars from extreme He-sdB stars. Intermediate He-sdB stars mostly exhibit strong unusual elemental abundances. The most likely explanation for this abundance anomaly is radiatively-driven diffusion in the photosphere.
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