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Paper: High-resolution Spectropolarimetric Observations of Hot Subdwarfs
Volume: 452, Fifth Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 87
Authors: Petit, P.; Van Grootel, V.; Bagnulo, S.; Charpinet, S.; Wade, G. A.; Green, E. M.
Abstract: We report on high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of the hot subdwarf stars HD 76431 and Feige 66, using the ESPaDOnS echelle spectropolarimeter at CFHT. We compute cross-correlation Stokes I and V line profiles to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. We then average all available cross-correlation profiles of each star to further decrease the noise level. Although both targets were previously reported to host kilo-Gauss magnetic fields, we do not derive any evidence of large-scale photospheric fields from our sets of observations, in spite of tight error bars on the longitudinal field of the order of 60 Gauss for HD 76431 and 200 Gauss for Feige 66. A new analysis of FORS1 observations of HD 76431, which provided the basis for the original claim of field detection, confirms the absence of any detectable Zeeman signature, with an error bar of about 100 Gauss on the longitudinal magnetic field.
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