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Paper: Pulsating Hot Subdwarfs with Main-Sequence Companions: EO Ceti is an sdO Pulsator!
Volume: 452, Fifth Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 233
Authors: Østensen, R. H.
Abstract: About half of the hot subdwarfs are found to have spectra of composite types, indicating a main sequence companion of spectral type F–K, and the pulsators are no exception to this rule. The spectroscopic contamination from the main sequence stars makes it hard to reliably establish physical parameters for the hot component, and also makes pulsations harder to detect as the amplitudes are depressed. The binary fraction of the observed sample of hot subdwarf pulsators is discussed, as are the biases that are affecting it. Spectroscopic evidence is presented that clearly demonstrates that the well known sdB pulsator, EO Ceti, is misclassified, and is actually an sdOV star.
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