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Paper: We Like it Bright: GALEX J06398+5156
Volume: 452, Fifth Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 257
Authors: Vučković, M.; Østensen, R. H.; Acke, B.; Reed, M. D.; Oreiro, R.; Bloemen, S.; Baran, A. S.
Abstract: We present the discovery of the brightest short period sdB pulsator found to date, GALEX J06398+5156. With a V-band magnitude of 11.99 it outshines even Balloon 090100001. The object was observed spectroscopically by Vennes et al. (2011), who determined an effective temperature of 30,750 K, surface gravity of 5.70 and log(He/H) = –2.59. Here we present the first results of an analysis of the photometric campaign organized in spring 2011 over one month with four different telescopes.
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