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Paper: Andromeda and its Satellites: A Kinematic Perspective
Volume: 458, Galactic Archaeology: Near-Field Cosmology and the Formation of the Milky Way
Page: 319
Authors: Collins, M. L. M.; Rich, R. M.; Chapman, S. C.
Abstract: Using spectroscopic data taken with Keck II DEIMOS by the Z-PAndAS team in the Andromeda-Triangulum region, I present a comparison of the disc and satellite systems of Andromeda with those of our own Galaxy. I discuss the observed discrepancies between the masses and scale radii of Andromeda dwarf spheroidal galaxies of a given luminosity with those of the Milky Way. I also present an analysis of the newly discovered M31 thick disc, which is measured to be hotter, more extended and thicker than that seen in the Milky Way.
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