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Paper: A New Method of Determining the Pattern Speed of the LMC
Volume: 458, Galactic Archaeology: Near-Field Cosmology and the Formation of the Milky Way
Page: 341
Authors: Shimizu, T.; Yoshii, Y.
Abstract: We focus on the idea proposed by de Vaucouleurs that constellation III would be regarded as the Lagrange point in a rotating non-axisymmetric bar potential. Based on this idea, we identify the center of constellation III with the Lagrange point L4 and have determined the pattern speed of the LMC as 21 ± 3km/s/kpc. Using this pattern speed, we estimate the velocity with which the constellation III captures matter around, and we find that the estimated value of velocity is consistent with the observation. In this presentation, using the LMC we describe our method of determining a pattern speed and present the dynamics around each of the Lagrange points in detail.
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