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Paper: 3D Spectral Radiative Transfer with IRIS: Application to the Simulation of Laboratory Models of Accretion Shocks in Young Stellar Objects
Volume: 474, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM2012)
Page: 66
Authors: Ibgui, L.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; Stehlé, C.; González, M.; Chièze, J. P.
Abstract: IRIS is a new three-dimensional radiative transfer code that provides spectroscopic diagnostics of hydrodynamics structures. We present its major numerical features and capabilities. We investigate the dynamical, radiative and spectral properties of laboratory generated radiative shocks, with the aim of improving our understanding of the mechanisms of accretion in young stellar objects. We employed IRIS to generate X-UV theoretical spectra, while three-dimensional non-stationary radiation hydrodynamics simulations were performed with the code HERACLES.
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