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Paper: Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Protostellar Core Formation
Volume: 474, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM2012)
Page: 110
Authors: Tomida, K.
Abstract: We perform 3D nested-grid radiation magnetohydrodynamic (RMHD) simulations of protostellar collapse from molecular cloud cores to protostellar cores with and without Ohmic dissipation of magnetic fields. We describe formation of circumstellar disks and multi-component outflows with our new code involving improved treatment of radiation transfer and thermodynamics. In the ideal RMHD models, the evolution of the protostellar core is very similar to that in the spherically symmetric non-rotating model because magnetic fields transport angular momentum very efficiently. However, if the resistivity is present, angular momentum transport is considerably suppressed due to loss of magnetic flux, and a rotationally-supported circumstellar disk is rapidly built up in the vicinity of the protostellar core. Magnetic fields are amplified by rotation and a fast well-collimated bipolar outflow is launched from the protostellar core via magnetic pressure gradient force.
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